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Do it Once! Do it Right!

Welcome to Eight Ball Driving School, one of Perth’s most “reputable” Truck Driving Schools, with a diverse client base and track record of success. Established in 2010.

Eight Ball Driving School has developed an enviable reputation among the better known companies, one only has to look at my original marketing in Perth Gumtree, to see the likeness to my marketing strategy I initiated back then and others have used some of my words, however changed.

Competition is healthy, so it is in my best interest as one of Perth’s first Independent Driving Instructors, to go above and beyond your expectation and give you the very best training money and experience can buy. 

“One on One” training is the key to rapid Learning and my results speak for themselves. Having a “Good Sense of Humour” thrown into the mix and you have the recipe needed, for “Stress Free” learning.

“Safety” is Paramount to me and should be a Priority, for You!

Everything you will learn, is structured in component formula. My methodology is “START from Scratch” and work from there, to gain an appreciation of the fundamental skills required to drive large trucks, competently.

You will gain a whole new respect for truck drivers out there, negotiating the road with people who have no idea what it takes to “STOP,” so much machinery and the Physics, involved.

The most common thing I hear is: “I did not realise how much is involved, driving a truck!”....  “Welcome To Truck Driving!!!”

As one of Perth’s Best Truck Driving Schools, Eight Ball Driving School is always highly recommended and 90% of my client base is “Referral” work due to my Integrity and ability to teach anyone, willing to learn.

Employment agencies are regular clients and word has got around Perth, that people are not just treated as “Dollar” signs with me. I would rather have my “Integrity”.

Saving money

Don’t waste your money going (MR) Medium Rigid, if you intend one day to drive bigger trucks. Go (HR or HRNS) first. In a (HR) Synchro truck, you do the same test as (MR) anyway! Non Synchro opens you up to more opportunities especially, if you want to drive trailers, later on.

With Eight Ball Driving School, you NEVER pay more than you need to! 

Day Courses

Why I don’t do (1) or (2) Day, courses…

It is my experience and opinion that the average person with NO truck experience whatsoever, will struggle doing these courses.

If you are being trained correctly, there is too much to learn for the average person to absorb readily and realistically, in the timeframe you are paying for. This is my honest opinion.

Mack Truck

I chose a MACK truck as I have experience with Mack & Kenworth Trucks, as well as many different types of trucks including EPV, Post Hole Diggers, HIAB, Pole Reinforcing, Cable trucks, All Freight Types (Japanese and Euro) and 4x4, 6x6 & 8x8 wheel drives. (JAP, Euro & U.S.) made.

I have nothing against other brand trucks!

A MACK Truck is the best starting platform to your new career. You will be driving one of the most reputable trucks, in the transport industry.

A new employer is more likely to employ YOU, over someone who has just passed in a Japanese truck for example. WHY? American trucks are the backbone of most Heavy Transport companies who rely on their Robust, reputation of dependability.

There is a multitude trucks to Learn to Drive in, but don’t limit yourself, you need to “stand out” in a crowd of job applicants, now times are tough!

My Pledge to You

To make you the safest truck driver possible, in the timeframe required to make you competent.

To comprehensively train you and impart as much knowledge as I can, gained from the many years and miles I have driven.

To ascertain You, are competent to “Pass” your Practical Driving Assessment, First time!

Build your confidence, so you can transition to Semi and Multi Combination trucks with less stress, after 12 months (HR) Heavy Rigid.

Give you the best Start possible with new employers, surpassing that of my competition.