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Payment Policy

Any booking made is expected to be paid for:   

Unless: Cancellation is made (24) hours before your booked lesson start time. 

The average person with NO truck experience can expect to sit their Practical Driving Assessment in (10) hours or (5) 2 hour lessons.

There are always exceptions, as some learn easier than others. Some will struggle especially, if they are an Auto only driver, for the most part.

Prepaid package: $850 must be paid up front, for discounted block of (10) hours. That is (5) lessons inclusive. Save $50.00

Pay as you go:  $180 per (2) hour Lesson. Payed at the beginning of each lesson. 

NO SHOW CLIENT: Someone who does not Cancel or bother to turn up to a lesson they booked, is a “No Show”.

Please, if you do not want a lesson, do not book one and Not turn up! It is an inconvenience and loss of income to me, as a Small Business.

A $50.00 Fee is Incurred if you do not Cancel (24) hours before your booked lesson.

If you give NO Notice, You must pay $180 to continue your training.

This is why most companies will not Book you Lessons, without you, paying up front. 

Truck Cab Comfort:

Please bring a water bottle for Hydration. Comfortable CLEAN clothes (NOT Oil or dirt transferable) others use seat too. Footwear: Runners or Boots are fine. NO FLIP FLOPS! Not appropriate for Learning.

Dirty clothing may void Lesson