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Eight Ball Driving School

Are You after Your (HR) Heavy Rigid truck licence to go Mining, Truck Driving, Fire Services, Transport Industry or Police etc?

Are You having to wait too long for Your next lesson, due to demand?

Call Lee, at Eight Ball Driving School on 0414 941 250

Lessons in (2) Hour blocks are advised, as this facilitates better learning retention.

You will be trained in a "real truck" an ( HR ) Heavy Rigid  MACK Trident.

Same size truck as used by other Truck Driving Schools, only you sit higher in the Cab. ( Better view ) “No Harder to Learn In”, than any other Non Synchro - Trucks.

You DO NOT have to start (MR) Medium Rigid, then (HR) Heavy Rigid - SYNCHRO, before going (HR) Heavy Rigid - NON SYNCHRO (UNRESTRICTED).

You CAN GO straight into (HR) Heavy Rigid - NON SYNCHRO, from the start!

This means you get more Hours NON SYNCHRO Experience, from the start!

I teach people with NO truck experience at all, quite easily! And, I Can Prove It!

You only need to use Seven gears, for the test. (3) Low and (4) High. You will need to show you can “Skip Shift” as well.

The MACK is a Non Synchro (Road Ranger) the only training MACK, in Perth.

Training incorporates Safety, Defensive Driving and Motorcycle Awareness.

6 days a week.

I do not overbook and you can book as many lessons as you like.

Use EIGHT BALL DRIVING SCHOOL…because, I make it Fun!

$90.00 per hour, CHEAPER than most other (HR) Driving Schools.

$850 for 5x (2) Hour Blocks (must be paid for Up Front)... Average Person takes 5 x 2hour lessons

  • I am an Owner Operator, Instructor. (Same Instructor, every Lesson)
  • I have a Very High Pass rate, with many happy students.
  • I have a Very Good Training reputation.
  • I will not try selling you something else, you do not need.
  • You will get your monies worth, not just take an Instructor for a Joyride.
  • I do not overbook lessons. If you book early, you get Priority.
  • MACK Truck experience WILL look Good, on Your Resume.
  • Fully Insured.
  • Training is available 6 Days a week.

All I ask is that you give me the courtesy of at least, (24 hours) ‘Notice of Cancellation’.

  • Once you have your got (HR) with me, you are welcome to continue to use my Truck, while waiting for your new Job. This keeps you Skilled and Confident.
  • The Hourly Rate will then be $50.00 for this opportunity.

Please support your local RED CROSS with Blood or Plasma Donations! Someone YOU know may need it!

I  “DONATE”Blood and Plasma.  : )

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Thank You.

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